Official opening: 4 ottobre 2017

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Curated by MoscaPartners and MIA Photo Fair

For those who didn’t had the chance to see the exhibition, this is a virtual tour through the rooms of Palazzo Litta: an extraordinary experience to deepen and learn about the design and photography of sub-Saharan Africa.

Credits: Digital partner Jetmap – Davide Fronterrè –


Palazzo Litta Cultura continues its exploration of the contemporary world in 2018, moving from Japan to Africa with the AfricaAfrica, exploring the Now of African design and photography exhibition, sponsored by the Embassy of the Ivory Coast, the South African Consulate and the Burkina Faso Consulate.
With a look at the contemporary design of sub-Saharan Africa – the area of over 24 million square kilometres extending from east to west on the southern Sahara line – design, photography, music and cinema are once again intertwined in programming an interdisciplinary proposal: twenty-two creatives, through forty design products of the last two years (2016-2017) and fifty-five photographic works express their unprecedented point of view, giving back the image of a dynamic, innovative and vital reality.

We have chosen designers who represent the great heterogeneity of this extensive and semi-unknown area of a world very close to us, as is Africa“, says Elisa Astori, curator for MoscaPartners in the section dedicated to design, with the contribution of the South African designer Cara Judd. The natural materials, the inspiration to archetypal forms of the land of origin, the constant presence of colour, the reuse of recycled materials such as plastic, metal sheet and wood are recurring features in the works of the designers on show. The great freedom expressed in the design approach allows them to give shape to objects with a highly original aesthetic.

The photographic section, curated by MIA Photo Fair Projects in cooperation with Maria Pia Bernardoni, curator of the international projects of LagosPhoto Festival, offers a selection of contemporary African artists who explore the communicative potential of the photographic medium through a modern language, which goes beyond the limits of traditional function of document or portrait.
The artists on show offer us a vision of contemporaneity, because they represent the ferment, energy, vision and aesthetics of the local people and tell us about Africa today. But above all, with their work they individually face contemporary socio-political issues that don’t concern only the continent but have a global resonance“, says Maria Pia Bernardoni.

For the entire duration of the exhibition, every Thursday at 6:30 pm, in-depth meetings on current events and African culture are planned, with experts and critics from the fields of design, architecture, photography, music and cinema. The first meeting AfricaAfrica, exploring the Now of African design and photography – on March 15th – will focus on contemporary creativity in Africa, with the participation of some exhibited artists, such as Cara/Davide, Conrad Hicks, Jean Servais Somian, Peter Mabeo, Gonçalo Mabunda, Stephen Burks, Nifemi Marcus Bello and the photographers Siwa Mgoboza e Joana Choumali; on March 22nd, Carlo Vezzoli and Elisa Bacchetti, professors of the Milan Polytechnic – Design Department, will discuss during the talk Sustainable Energy for Africa by Design the theme of sustainable energy; in Made in Slums, necessary waste the problem of waste in the African slums and their possible re-use through design will be discussed on March 29th by Francesco Faccin.

AfricaAfrica, exploring the Now of African design and photography is an exhibition that breaks with the stereotypes, with the obsolete imaginary of the needy and helpless continent, and offers a current analysis of society, a vision for the future, an awareness to be taken into consideration that represents a moment of reflection and a source of inspiration for the whole world.

BonelliErede has decided to support the AfricaAfrica photography exhibition as sponsor. A commitment that follows that of the South Africa Pavilion Partner at the last Venice Art Biennial and shows how BonelliErede is particularly interested in everything related to the African continent, including the rapid growth of the art market, participating with interest also to initiatives related to contemporary art in Africa, the continent where it operates with two offices in Egypt and in Ethiopia.

The product are granted by Moroso Spa for Birsel&Seck, Dedon for Stefan Burk, Riva 1920 for Francis Kéré.

The historical brand Vlisco – exhibition partner – tells about African colors and creativity through textiles selected for the display and through two videos, the Afro-futuristic short film An Alien in Town by Daniel Obasi shows the story of an alien within the Lagos metropolis; the second video is an animation made by the colors and the graphics of the textiles.

Technical partners of design exhibition: Foscarini Illuminazione and De Castelli.
Technical partners of the photo exhibition: Hahnemühle FinArt FinArt for fine art printing on Photo Rag® Baryta paper and BIG / CiaccioArte.
Cape Best – boutiques of South African products in Corso Garibaldi 44 in Milan – offers for the inauguration event three wines among the directly imported labels, among the best accredited by the Guida Platter’s.
The exhibition is produced in collaboration with the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival.

AfricaAfrica, exploring the Now of African design and photography
March 15 – April 2, 2018
Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday from 12pm to 7pm