Official opening: 4 ottobre 2017

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palazzo litta cultura

MIBACT and MoscaPartners have established a one-of-a-kind partnership between a public institution and private operators, which will provide a program of events and cultural initiatives over the next two years - 2017/2019.

The encounter between different forms of art and entertainment is the pivotal point of the entire project, characterized by a clear connection with the contemporary, thanks to an interdisciplinary programming linked to the cultural identity of the city and its current transformations.

Palazzo Litta Cultura is a project to valorize Palazzo Litta, an innovative new culture hub for Milan to enhance the cultural proposal of the city.

Valerio Castelli - MoscaPartners

Marco Minoja - MiBACT

esterni is a cultural enterprise based in Milan. Since 1995, hundreds of people have contributed to the development of projects.
mia photo fair

MTM represents a historic novelty in the Milanese theater system panorama because it looks forward to the different needs and tastes of the public and to the plurality of languages, cultures and poetics of individual artists.
mia photo fair

MIA Photo Fair, conceived in 2011 from an idea of Fabio Castelli, is the most important art fair dedicated to photography and moving image in Italy.
ponderosa music & arts
for Music, Art and Performing Arts

Ponderosa Music & Art is a multifaceted production agency active in the field of music, culture and art. Our specialization is planning and organizing concerts and live events. Every ponderosa production includes a wide range of cultural aspects, making each one of them a multilayered, expressive event, often combining music performances with exhibitions.

Alessandro Beretta - Esterni

Fabio Castelli - MIA Photo Fair

Monica Vanini - Ponderosa Music & Art